Carità in opera contro la povertà sanitaria


Since 2000, on the second Saturday of February each year, thousands of Banco Farmaceutico volunteers invite people who are entering the pharmacies to donate one or more over-the-counter (non-prescription) medicines packages for local charities. Each affiliated charity is linked to one or more pharmacies in its area; based on the requirements received from each charity, pharmacists suggest customers to buy the categories of medicaments which are essentially needed. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the 2020 edition of MCD lasted one full week (from February 4 to 10): 4.944 drugstores with over 15.000 pharmacists and more than 22.000 volunteers were involved and 541,175 packs of medicines were collected, for an economic value of 4,072,346 euros.  These were delivered to 1,859 charities affiliated with Banco Farmaceutico Foundation