Carità in opera contro la povertà sanitaria


Thanks to the collaboration of pharmaceutical companies, Banco Farmaceutico is able to guarantee the supply of medicaments to charities throughout the year. These are not only self-medication medicines, but also medicaments under medical prescription, supplements and devices. In 2019, 959.475 packs of medicines have been collected for a total value of 12,014,770 euros. 85 charities benefited from corporate donations (CD). To qualify for CD, charities have to feature the following criteria:

  • operate free of charge health care services in Italy or in developing countries
  • employ medical staff who can dispense prescription medicaments (a Medical Doctor and/or a Pharmacist).
  • have a pharmaceutical cabinet /store.

Furthermore, Banco Farmaceutico created BFOnline, a web platform connected to Farmadati records that enables to manage and match the offer of companies and needs of charities and vice versa. In order to handle this flow of donations, Banco Farmaceutico established the Banco Farmaceutico Research (BFR)