Carità in opera contro la povertà sanitaria


BFR is an association bringing the world of profit closer to non-profit, supporting the management of donations for humanitarian purposes through the provision of services. Assigning the procedures to BFR, which has the know-how necessary to manage them, entails companies can benefit from the following:

  • Savings on waste, storage and administration costs by promoting the return and donation of pharmaceutical products for a social cause
  • Reduction of negative impacts on the environment and natural resources by promoting the return and recycling of pharmaceutical products
  • Tax benefits: as donations are not treated for tax purposes and do not generate revenues, companies can deduct all costs for VAT purposes (budget law 2018)
  • greater effectiveness in relating with third sector entities and responding to their needs
  • strengthening of reputation.


  • Administrative support for an efficient management of the donations of medications.
  • Auditing of the charities’ pharmaceutical requirements affiliated with Banco Farmaceutico
  • Through the connection of BFOnline web platform with the Farmadati records, BFR can quickly relate the company's offer to the needs of the affiliated charities, on the basis of the products’ active ingredient.
  • Organisation of logistic processes. The distribution of the products donated to the institutions is guaranteed by collaborating with the leading logistic companies.
  • Traceability of donated products thanks to the BFOnline web platform ( Companies can access with their own credentials and monitor if the donated products have been received as well as track their final destination.
  • Management of the donation requests of pharmaceutical products that were submitted directly by non-profit organisations to businesses
  • By surveying the needs of charities, BFR is able to steer companies towards targeted projects allowing effective and efficient operations enhancing social responsibility via:
    • Setting up collaboration channels (sponsorships and/or partnerships) for the development of socially useful projects
    • Implementing research and activities aimed at promoting and enhancing corporate social responsibility
    • Fundraising for non-profit organizations.